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Where has our soul gone Joe Dimaggio?

Posted by Matt

I like technology.. lets face it.. I love technology and love how easy it’s made life for us.  Or has it?  What is our quality of life like now that we don’t spend time just sitting down and talking with each other. Talking to a person instead of texting them or sending an email.  I think technology has taken the soul of what made this country great. And what technology didn’t take,  pampering our children and being politically correct has taken the rest.  “Politically Correct” was a term used by Mao when he had people going to re-education camps so they would begin to think like the collective  instead of thinking like an individual.   The desire to excel, to be different, to make the most of your life that you can and to leave the world a better place for your children than when you became the ruling adult class was “educated out of them”.

We have failed our children, ourselves, our future and our legacy!  Boys are being turned into politically correct “sensitive” pussys!  Life isn’t going to give them a participation trophy, or the raise or the new job just because they showed up and demanded it.  We’re teaching people that it doesn’t matter if you actually suck at something, because it’s okay. We’ll celebrate your feeble attempt at being less than mediocre because we don’t want to hurt your feelings.   Look at the Occupy movement.  Nothing but a bunch of malcontents that decided they could take over public space and claim it for their own while living like pigs, raping some of the women / girls that were there and doing such meaningful pastimes as taking a dump on a police car.  We have allowed them to become what they are today and we have only ourselves to blame.  We allowed them to get away with it and we taught them a valuable lesson.  If they get enough of them together and find some lunatic fringe group to support them  (progressive democrats) they can do whatever they want and we will tolerate it.  Oh how I wish RUDY was still the Mayor of NY for Occupy.  That would have been fun to watch.

We have allowed the minority to dictate how the majority will live.  We can’t have religion in schools. We can’t have Christmas carols in schools. We can’t do anything that smacks of religion  (unless its Muslim inspired) because some small group doesn’t believe in God and they are offended if they are exposed to it.  I’m offended that people in Louisiana used their food stamp cards to buy hundreds of dollars of products and food when they KNEW they didn’t have enough on their card for what they were STEALING from Walmart.  So because the use of those cards offends me, nobody should be able to use them any more.   Does that demand make any sense?

In days past, when a small minority of people wanted to dictate how others lived their lives, we would tell them to piss off!  I”m not talking about racial minorities. I firmly believe that EVERYONE should be treated equally no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion or lack of religion.  I”m talking about beliefs of minorities such as Illegal Aliens that demand the rights of American Citizens  when the first thing they did upon entering our country was break our laws.  You came her ILLEGALLY, YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN and you need to go home – you’ve been visiting here long enough.

Our country has lost it’s way and I’m afraid that it will never recover.  The uninformed masses that keep voting the self-serving morons back into the government will ensure the demise of the greatest country ever to be on this earth.  I am proud to present my list of self-serving public servants that forgot they work for us:

John McCain – Yea.. you were a POW and I honor your service, but you SUCK as a competent conservative Senator and you need to defeated!
Jeff Flake – You’re becoming  Little John and you’ve sold your soul to the same progressive beliefs that have infected McCain. You need to be defeated!
Lindsay Graham- You are a progressive and your failure to show any moral backbone or principles  show your an empty suit progressive mouthpiece
Karl Rove- I used to hang on your every word and thought you were so smart. The only thing you’re the architect of is how to give in to the liberal progressives
John Boehner – You need to have your speakership taken away. You are spineless and self serving and you lie like a rug. You’re wasting our house Advantage!

This list is much longer than these 5 names, but they all have the same thing in common. They’re establishment Republicans which translated means that they believe you don’t fight for something or stick to your principles if you’re not 100% sure you can win. They’re all about giving in to the progressive liberal democrats because they’re afraid the DNC media  (main stream media) will blame the Republicans for anything that goes wrong.. Hey sparky.. I got news for you. They’ll blame us even if you dance with the devil.  We tried it your way with the MODERATE  (ie: progressive) candidates.. McCain –> WE LOST!  Romney –> WE LOST!  Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Hey guess what Brainiac Karl.. When you look like a democrat and there isn’t a clearly defined difference between the parties, the party of handouts and free rides will win every time.  You spineless progressives  and others like you are helping the egomaniac at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to Transform America.  Transform:  (see turn us into a 3rd world european socialist country).



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