Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 1:00pm

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Death.. Call It Like It Is!

Posted by Matt

This whole Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice debate is just a nice name for a horrible act.  It’s not Pro-Choice, it’s Pro-Infanticide because when they decided to engage in sex, they made their choice and now they are killing the result of that choice.. they are choosing death for an innocent life that was created in a moment of irresponsible behavior.  I’m not addressing “rape” cases, I’m talking about someone who makes a choice knowing full well what the consequences might be.  I certainly don’t advocate limiting or stopping access to birth control, and no conservative will put that position forward. They may personally not believe in birth control, but their choice is for them and not to be forced on others.

Birth control is available for free at all title 10 funded clinics and can even be purchased at Walmart for about $9.00 per month.. thats 1 1/2 packs of smokes per month, or maybe 2 drinks per month to make sure you don’t get pregnant and have run the risk of having to choose to end an innocent life.  Is your life worth while?  What if your mother decided that you were inconvenient and it was easier to just end your life?  All the people that you’ve met would never have had your impact on them.  All the joy you’ve given to those around you, would be missing from their lives.  It’s not an inconvenience, it’s a human life full of potential and promise. If a 1 year old can’t survive without their parents taking care of them and feeding them, then why isn’t it legal to just determine they’re an inconvenience and they should just be terminated?

It’s not PRO-CHOICE.. you already made your choice and nobody stopped you. You made the choice to risk bringing a life into the world and you made the choice to take that life. If someone kills a pregnant mother and her unborn baby, in many cases they’re charged with 2 counts of murder because they ended 2 lives. Why should you be any different?


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