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Native American History and Todays Urban Minorities

Posted by Matt

I just re-watched THUNDERHEART, a very good movie about conditions on Reservations in the 70’s. While thinking about this I had the following thoughts:

1- What we did to the Native Americans was unconscionable. Yes, they are a conquered people but we pushed them off their land and onto Reservations and told them ‘We will house and feed you and you won’t have to worry about anything”. Whether on purpose or accident, we gave them infected blankets that killed thousands. We massacred hundreds of unarmed men, women and children at Wounded Knee. Our governments actions made them dependent on the government and broke their spirit. This started the downward spiral of many of the tribes in America. I’m not saying there isn’t some personal responsibility, but how would your ancestors have fared in this same situation?

2- What we have done to the minority communities mirrors what was done to the Native Americans. They are herded into urban areas and are told “Don’t worry.. the government will take care of you”. They were penalized for having a man in the house so families broke up so their assistance payments wouldn’t be cut. This led to a majority of single parent families where there was no “Father Figure” to help boys become responsible young men and adults. They were incentivized to destroy the once strong and proud African American families who were once some of the strongest groups in the country. Their children attend urban schools where conditions are worse than some 3rd world countries and in many cases have teachers that are “just putting in their time” until they can retire”. Many urban citizens have become totally dependent on the government, just as the Native Americans did and the end result is pretty much the same. They can’t see the American Dream because the government has told them that they can’t make it on their own and they need the government to care for them because the government knows better than they do whats best for them.

So what other commonalities exist in these two items? For Native Americans, Democrat Andrew Jackson was a main reason for their treatment and destruction. For other minorities, it would be the Democrats starting with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society that started the downward spiral of the African American family and their hopes/dreams. Look at the major urban areas where you now find high crime rates, blighted areas, desperate and demoralized residents and a cycle of government dependency that is seen as the only way to survive and you find the same party at the top.. the Democrats have run American’s greatest cities into the ground.

The GOVERNMENT can’t take care of you and isn’t supposed to! Our urban area’s will only start to thrive when the political leadership adopts a CAN-DO attitude and disavows the “take care of you because you can’t do” attitude.

These are my opinions and my thoughts and if you disagree, that’s your right and I will defend that right.

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