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JOTFORM: The easiest to use and best online form product!

Posted by Matt

I spent 10 yrs working at GoDaddy with various positions ranging from general support, to website design and finishing in Tier 2 Hosting Tech Support. One thing I learned and that almost all of my co-workers agreed with is that if a customer wanted more than just a simple contact form, or a custom form, the only choice was JotForm.  The most recent form I created was for a Facebook Group that I run for Veterans of the Strategic Air Command.  I have a small business and I made a Strategic Air Command hat and I wanted to do a giveaway in the Facebook Group.  In trying to figure out the best and most reliable way to do it, my natural choice was JotForm!  I went to and started the process to create a new form.  I needed to have the members sign up for the free giveaway drawing and they needed to get a sequential number to make it easier for my tracking because on the day of the drawing I was going to do a live stream on Facebook and use the Google Random Number Generator to pick the winner.  JotForm has options that will validate entries based on cookies and or IP address to eliminate multiple entries. The tools and modules on JotForm made this so easy to do and I had my form created, tested and

live in my Facebook Group within 5 minutes.

I use JotForm because I know the email confirmations will get thru the the member and the copy for me will also get thru.  If you try using another form product, especially on wordpress, you may find many of the submissions going to spam because wordpress sends thru mail php and many email providers think they are spam.  Thats not an issue with JotForm and never has been.

The software engineers are always adding more great features to JotForm and while I worked at GoDaddy we used to say that we wished GoDaddy would buy JotForm because it’s such a great product.  You can’t go wrong and if you have any issues, contact their customer/tech support because they’re fantastic.  I asked a question on a Saturday and didn’t expect an answer until the next business day at the earliest, but to my surprise I got an answer within a few hours that same day!  Thats GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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