Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 8:31am

If Romney is a Felon for Saving the Olympics, then What is Obama?

Posted by Matt

Obama admitted that he was a drug user.. an Illegal act and a felony at the time he was doing it. So that makes our President a self-admitted Felon.  So not only is he the first half black, half white president, he’s the first self admitted Felon to hold the office.   Since he admits to breaking the law, several times if not more, then how can he possibly suggest that Romney is a Felon and is unsuitable to be the President? POT MEET KETTLE!  Obama’s lies and distortions continue in an effort to do anything he can to avoid running on his terrible record.  Only a lemming that suspends disbelief could possibly think that Obama deserves to be re-elected.  Where’s the jobs?  He spent 3 years pushing Obama Care and ignoring all the people that are unemployed or underemployed. Where was his focus to help the American people? his focus was on giving tax dollars to his big donors and supporters.. companies like Solyndra and the big unions like SEIU.


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