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Elbert Guillory – The Free At Last PAC! Finally Someone will Set the record Straight!

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How many of our black brothers and sisters think the

Republican party was behind the Jim Crow Laws?

How many think the Republicans started the KKK? 

Surprisingly most don’t realize that it was the Southern Democrats that did both!   There is so much misinformation that has been dumped on our fellow citizens that having been said over and over again, they have come to believe it.  The party of Racists are the Democrats!  Check your history!  Who didn’t want the blacks to be able to have guns?  The Democrats!  Who didn’t want the blacks to be able to read?  The Democrats!  Who is it that created the great plantation of dependance that has destroyed the sense of self worth and accomplishment in todays black communities?  The Democrats!  They don’t care about helping you to realize your dreams, they only care about keeping you dependent on the  the next hand out to buy your vote.  Look a the largest cities in our great country that are failing… who has been in power for decades and have lined their own pockets with taxpayer dollars while driving the cities in to financial ruin?  The Democrats.  In Detroit, they held power for 50 years and the Democrats are trying to say the Republicans caused the problem.  Thats like blaming the dog for crapping on your carpet when you don’t own a dog!

Watch this video and learn why the current black leaders are not in the fight to lift anyone up from poverty and dependence.  I have hope that those trapped in the cycle of dependence where all they have to look forward to is the next handout, will be given the chance to regain their independence and get off the big government Democratic Plantation!


Elbert Guillory explains why he left the Democrat Party and corrects some faulty history about the Republicans

Elbert Guillory talks about the problems that liberals have caused blacks and why the Republican Party is a better fit!

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