Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 9:16am

Chris Matthews is an POS! No other way to say it!

Posted by Matt

I am totally fed up with Chris Matthews saying anyone who says ANYTHING about Obama is a racist. Would every minority that ever disagreed with Bush’s policies be a Racist too? First it was the code words “Chicago, Apartment, Shuck and Jive, now it’s “monkeying”. Someone said that Obama was Monkeying around with the jobs numbers. That phrase has been use for decades and has nothing to do with ra

ce. Matthews is a race baiter and is a disgraceful human being.
Calling someone a racist when there is no evidence of racist behavior is inexcusable and calls into question the character of the person making the charge. Chris Matthews is so in the tank for Obama that he will lie, distort and make stuff up just to try and enrage the Obama base.
Chris Matthews should be ashamed of himself. He is a poor excuse for a human being, the lowest form of life as a Journalist / news person and he works for a defunct propaganda network. the way he always yells “Racism” diminishes actual racism that may still be happening. Racism is all around us… and it’s not just white vs. black or brown.. it flows the other way too!

News Flash Chris …. its the policies of the man, not the color of the man.. can your simple mind grasp the concept that we might actually disagree with Obama’s policies and unlike you, we can separate race from politics!

Chris.. you’re down in the mud with Rachel MadCow and Ed “I’ll say anything” Schultz. Congratulations !

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