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Retired From the United States Air Force where I worked on Air Force 1 when Ronald Reagan was the President.


I voted to preserve our borders, our way of life and the American Culture. Not the white culture, or black culture or hispanic culture… but the American Culture. The culture of hard work, responsibility for ones actions and the belief that together we are better off than we are at odds with each other. The […]


We are facing an invasion of our southern border and the Democrats are silent on the pending crisis. Why would people who swore an oath to protect the United States remain silent? Because they want as many Illegals in our country as possible so when they find a way to force amnesty and citizenship for […]

Elections Have Consequences!

After Obama got elected and the House started forcing thru his socialist polices aimed at destroying the moral fabric of America.  Why don’t they still think that Elections Have Consequences! Obama clips showing his disdain for middle America and that “elections have consequences”.

Is this still America?

The Democrats have lost their minds. They’re using Brown Shirt Shock troop tactics and they are trying to say that the Republicans are the fascists! Really? Show me the picts or the video’s of conservatives/Republicans attacking liberals while they’re eating, or at the airport or anywhere else. Show me where the Republicans are telling Democrats […]

Kavanaugh Accuser Won’t Testify!

Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez Refuses to Testify Before Senate Committee.Drop a bomb and then refuse to be questioned about it. This whole thing stinks like a rotting fish!So About Doctor Ford.. my good friend Nancy is right… if she was so traumatized, how did she manage to go to college, become a doctor and marry, […]

The Left is Killing America!

Our country is in a sorry state right now because of one group of people. Our liberty is threatened by this same group. Free speech is threatened by this same group. WHO ARE THEY? The out of control progressive democrats and their Antifa Nazi Thugs. WHY DO I SAY THIS? Consider what would happen to […]

Are you supporting illegal immigrants breaking our laws?

The Plight of the Illegal Immigrants: I think I finally agree with protecting them and letting them stay. Why? Here’s the answer: I owe a lot of money and it’s keeping me from retiring. I’m afraid that I might work myself to death before I can actually retire… so the only recourse I have is […]

Illegal Aliens Skew Congressional Representation and Federal Dollars

The Census! Non-Citizens are NOT supposed to be counted in the census data that is used to determine the number of Congressional seats that are given to each state. President Trump wants the question put back on the census form, but the democrats are fighting it because the large illegal population states would lose representatives […]

Why Are School Shootings Happening More Often…

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS! Why were there so many school shootings in the last year? –Are there more guns? No not really –Are the perps that do it terrorists? No not really   What can explain the breakdown in our society where it becomes an option to hate someone so much that you take a gun to […]

Native American History and Todays Urban Minorities

I just re-watched THUNDERHEART, a very good movie about conditions on Reservations in the 70’s. While thinking about this I had the following thoughts: 1- What we did to the Native Americans was unconscionable. Yes, they are a conquered people but we pushed them off their land and onto Reservations and told them ‘We will […]

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