Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 7:47am

Why It’s Racist to Expect Less from Susan Rice!

Posted by Matt

I’m having a hard time understanding the minority left in this country. Are we supposed to expect less from our government leaders because of their sex or their race? Because people are critical of Susan Rice’s statements on 5 network shows that the cause behind Benghazi was the video and not a terrorist attack, and because she misled the American people¬†and because of her actions, she isn’t qualified to be the Sec of State,¬†they are being called racists and sexists. Ask yourself this question: If John Bolton had gone on tv and said the same thing and then it was discovered that it was totally misleading, would the same people excuse it thru the same low expectations as they have applied to Rice? I find it racist to expect less and not hold them to the same level of accountability from someone because of their sex or their race as if they aren’t as capable as someone who isn’t a minority. Susan Rice was fully qualified to be the UN Ambassador and she should have known what she was saying was wrong. Either she knew and misled the American people intentionally, or she was setup as the person to take the fall by someone else in the administration. In either case, We expect the best from our leaders and we don’t expect them to underperform because they happen to be a minority.

Minorities have fought for decades to be treated as equals, yet the race baiters are now saying that any criticism of their failure to meet those same expectations is racist. How is that even acceptable to Susan Rice? How can she accept that her defenders excuse her actions because of her sex and her race?
Please forgive me because I must be too ignorant to understand how this all makes sense. I feel that she has damaged her integrity with her statements, and therefore I feel she’s not qualified to be promoted to Sec of State

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