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Why Are School Shootings Happening More Often…

Posted by Matt


Why were there so many school shootings in the last year?

–Are there more guns? No not really
–Are the perps that do it terrorists? No not really
What can explain the breakdown in our society where it becomes an option to hate someone so much that you take a gun to school and just start shooting your classmates?
What I’m about to say will most likely piss some people off but since this is still America and we still have freedom of speech, here it is.

Our moral compass is broken and here’s why:

-Children watch their parents behavior and they learn that it’s not only acceptable to openly hate someone and wish them harm, it’s also celebrated by people with the same broken moral compass. They learn that if the “other” people don’t think, talk or act like them then it’s okay to commit violence because they’re wrong and must be punished.
-Children play video games that are filled with aggressive behavior by stalking and killing the bad guys. The realistic portrayal of the player shooting and killing the bad guys desensitizes them to the result of their actions. It’s all just a game so it’s okay to kill the bad guys.
-If it’s morally justifiable to kill the bad guys in the realistic video games, then it’s not a huge leap to the mental and emotional state where it’s okay to kill those who you feel are the “bad guys’ at their school, church or other places where you can find “the people who aren’t like the murderer looking to kill the “bad guys”
-We have Hollywood putting out realistic blood and guts horror movies that once again, desensitize young skulls full of mush to the horrors of their actions when killing.
Consider this, if Porn can be addictive and can cause behavioral changes in people, then why can’t the aggressive parental behavior, the realistic bad guy killing games and the horror movies cause our children to never develop the sense of right and wrong? They are pampered and told that they are entitled and they are SPECIAL. When they find out they aren’t so SPECIAL and they aren’t entitled to anything because they have to work hard and earn whatever they get, they become disillusioned and can blame those that are holding them back or denying what they see is rightfully theirs.
If you want to know why someone goes to school with a gun and then starts playing their own version of a “Kill the bad guys” video game in real life, just look at what parents have done to their childrens development. They have been taught that “there is no wrong answer as long as they make an effort”. They have been taught by their helicopter parents that the universe revolves around them and anyone who says different is to be despised and is not worthy of breathing the same air as they do. They have been taught that it’s never their fault because they’re a “Victim” and they are being oppressed by the “Bad Guys”.
I have 2 sons and 7 grandchildren and I thank god that they were raised to respect other peoples property, to respect their elders, and that their parents know they’re special, but they need to prove to everyone else that they are because they aren’t entitled to anything. They were raised that they must take responsibility for their actions and neither of them ever thought they were a victim even when good old fashioned corrective punishment was being given. My sons and their wives are raising their children the same way. With love balanced with discipline to ensure they have the best possible chance of being successful in “the real world”, not some make believe “protected parental bubble world”.
If you want to correct the moral compass of our children, you need to fix their parents moral compass. Since when has it been acceptable to praise a picture of someone holding the severed head of another person, let alone the leader of our country? When has it become acceptable for people to celebrate a play that depicts the assassination of President?
All I ask is that you look back through the last 10 years and ask yourself, are we a more civil society or are we a more violent and angry society? Then ask yourself who is responsible for changing what used to be a fair and open minded society where we listened to other opinions and even respected, yes, I said “RESPECTED” other peoples opinions even though we totally disagreed with them.
Who is it that is blocking free speech by protesting public events at colleges and other locations?
Who is it that wears masks and hides their faces while they attack people who “don’t think like them” and even break windows of small business owners and set their buildings on fire?
We have lost our way and unless we make a huge course correction our once beautiful open minded, discourse encouraging country will forever be a thing of the past.
If you read this whole post, then thank you… and if you disagree with me, tell me why…not personal attacks but please tell me where I got it wrong and why. I want your thoughts, not the thoughts of some talking point.
Have a great day and make a point to listen to someone with a different point of view and broaden your world view.
Matt Caswell, SMSgt, USAF (Retired)

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