Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at 9:23am


Posted by Matt

We are facing an invasion of our southern border and the Democrats are silent on the pending crisis. Why would people who swore an oath to protect the United States remain silent? Because they want as many Illegals in our country as possible so when they find a way to force amnesty and citizenship for all the illegals, they can vote or the Democrats.

They are selling out our national security and making a mockery of our right to our national sovereignty.

With the mid-term election in just short of 2 weeks people need to think of what the Democrats say they will do:-Raise taxes-Open borders (wait till your job is taken by an illegal)-Get rid of ICE, which is responsible for sending people who broke our law back to their country of origin.
These are just a few of their promises.

I sincerely hope that President Trump turns back all of the invaders and I mean ALL. If the Democrats can pick and choose what laws they ignore (sanctuary cities) then Trump can do the same and let the conservative supreme court sort it out. Put the military on the border and refuse access to our country. If they are allowed to rush the border and enter our country then we no longer will have a country because the mobs will keep coming!

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