Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 10:48am

To My Progressive Liberal Gay and Straight Friends

Posted by Matt

I’ve been told that many of you are afraid of Romney and the far right wing conservatives. To be honest with you, the right has a fringe just like the left does, but that’s not mainstream conservatives.. that’s fringe.

You know I love you and don’t care what your personal life is.. and I’m a conservative… Please tell me who on the right is advocating taking away any of your rights?  What has Obama done for you.. when you add the failed economy with the total inaction to causes that are important to you (until it came time to need your vote), I believe someone who will pander to you is more dangerous than someone who may disagree but will listen.

If you’re concerned about “marriage”,  my perspective is that marriage should NOT be anywhere in the tax code, or benefits or anything else other than a religious ceremony and sacrement  between a couple and their God.  Civil Unions should be for anyone wanting to join into a legally recognized relationship where they pledge their desire to be together..ANYONE.. straight, gay, ANYONE.

War on Women?  Nobody on the right is advocating taking away a womans right to birth control and if a woman needs the pill for medical, not behavioral reasons, it should be available just like any other prescription.. and  PLANNED PARENTHOOD? Doesn’t do any mammograms but does perform lots of abortions.  They receive my tax dollars and saying that they don’t use tax dollars for abortions is bullshit because by having my tax dollars, they free up other money to be used for abortions.  Also, is there a mens ‘PLANNED PARENTHOOD” that gets taxpayer funding?  Free prostate exams and testicular cancer screenings?  I haven’t found one yet.

Conservatives are NOT the evil bogeymen that we are portrayed to be by the far left.  Please tell me what promises that Obama made 4 years ago have been kept?  He controlled the house and senate for 2 yrs and could have pushed thru any jobs bills or plans to fix the economy and instead he pushed thru Obamacare for a system that needs to be fixed, but not as bad as getting 23 million americans back to work.  Why would you think the next 4 years would be any different.

I know this has been long, but all I ask is that you think about what I’ve said.. then you can disregard it and chalk it up to me being an old straight white guy that doesn’t understand.

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