Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 9:06pm

They’ll Spy On U.S. But They Won’t Protect U.S. by Securing the Border!

Posted by Matt

Border Security.. Lets talk about how safe we are.  Our government will spy on it’s legal citizens to protect us against a ‘POSSIBLE” threat, but they won’t close the southern border where terrorists can just walk across into the United States carrying a nuclear suitcase bomb or chem weapons. Does that make any sense?  We need congress to secure the border in a separate bill that gets passed now.. and when the border state governors certify that the border is secure, then , and only then, can the congress start to discuss immigration reform.

It’s that simple.  But they won’t do it because both sides like to pile their pet pork into the bills, such as Harry Reids special perk to Nevada for tourism. Does anyone really think that Las Vegas needs our tax dollars to coerce people to want to go there?

We’re all SCREWED and the inmates are running the asylum unless we start to stand up for our civil rights.  The BILL OF RIGHTS are our CIVIL RIGHTS and the government does not have the power to take them from us, unless we continue to look the other way, stick our head in the sand, or just don’t give a shit if our country becomes a third world country run by the power class and administered like the book 1984.  2+2=5!

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