Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 8:58pm

The Word “CRACKER” is Offensive to White People.. but who cares!

Posted by Matt

Funny how a racially charged word that was used as a derogatory term for all blacks is socially unacceptable, but the word “CRACKER” is fully acceptable when used by blacks to talk about whites. Are they using the word to tell us how much they love us or some other meaning of endearment? Or are they using the word in a derogatory fashion meant to demean and ridicule white people. We all know the answer, but nobody seems to give a shit. Where is the moral outrage that this “leader of the New Black Panther Party” is allowed to speak about killing CRACKERS and CRACKER BABIES? Where are all the social leaders that always say they are against racism and hate speach? Where are they? They’re ignoring it because it seems it’s okay to use hate speech when referring to white people because over a century ago, some of our ancestors may have owned slaves, so that makes us guilty of crimes against humanity. What BULLSHIT! Watch this video and then ask yourself, Why is the President of the United States aligning himself with these hateful people. Would it be okay if Mitt Romney had a KKK poster on his website right under his name and picture?

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