Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 11:07pm

The Right to Practice Their Religion!

Posted by Matt

Lets think about the Religious Liberty law’s that are in the news these days. It seems that the only issue is with Christians that believe Gay Marriage is wrong based on their religious beliefs and because of that they don’t believe they should be forced to partake in the ceremony, be it thru photographer, baker, or caterer. So where are the stories of people going to Muslim stores and demanding the same services? Walk into a Muslim establishment and demand they cater your event at the Nudist Colony. Would this be offensive to Muslims? Sure because they have strong beliefs that women should be fully covered. A reasonable customer, one that doesn’t have a political agenda, would just go find another caterer to take care of their event. An activist would act like there’s no other place they can go to for this service and would sue the establishment, even though the owner of the establishment, business is guaranteed the practice of their religion under the Constitution. It seems to me that your rights end where they infringe upon the rights of the person you are dealing with. Strong religious beliefs should be justification to NOT have to support something that violates their religious beliefs.

I’m not advocating one side or the other but trying to point out that “discrimination” runs both ways. Not allowing someone to follow their religious beliefs would be religious discrimination. Who’s rights are more important? Well, it depends on how you look at it.. can supporting an event that goes against their religious beliefs be undone or mitigated? no. Can the person seeking the service, get the service they seek from another source? Most likely, so why would they want to deal with someone who doesn’t want their business? This isn’t so much a discrimination or rights issue, it’s an attack on “religion, well only one religion, Christianity” wrapped in a civil rights blanket. Christians are being persecuted by our own federal government and state governments because of their religious beliefs. How is that not a violation of the Constitution?

I believe in live and let live. If you don’t want my business then I will take my $$ elsewhere and make sure that everyone knows about it.

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