Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at 2:05pm

The Left is Killing America!

Posted by Matt

Our country is in a sorry state right now because of one group of people. Our liberty is threatened by this same group. Free speech is threatened by this same group.


The out of control progressive democrats and their Antifa Nazi Thugs.


Consider what would happen to your car if you put a Trump bumper sticker on it, like all the Obama or Hillary stickers or the Impeach 45 stickers? Your car would most likely be keyed, tires slashed, paint thrown on it or something else. Because of this “FEAR”, many people are having their voice and opinions silenced because of what they know will happen to them or their property. This could account for everyone’s surprise when Trump won the election. People were afraid to openly say they support Trump.

Now I know Conservative Republicans have been known to do the same things to Democrat supporters.. OH WAIT! NO I DON’T BECAUSE I’VE NEVER HEARD OF THAT HAPPENING. Republicans don’t damage personal property or threaten bodily harm to people that disagree with them. You won’t find a conservative swinging a bike lock at someone in an attempt to hurt or even kill them like some on the left have done.

Now you might be thinking, well, the white supremacists are violent and they’re on the far right! WRONG! The white supremacists are more aligned with the democrats since the democrats are the party of racist actions and speech. The white supremacists are identified with the NAZI’s, but remember, the NAZI’s were the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Socialists control industry. State control, government control. Who does that sound like? Who’s for big government taking care of you and telling you what you need and what you can do? Not the Republicans. NAZI’s are far left socialists and the KKK was founded and supported by the Democrats in the South, and also the North. Woodrow Wilson was an outspoken Klan supporter and even showed the film “Birth of a Nation” in the White House. This movie was all about how great the KKK was. 

Watch this short clip and hear White Supremacist NAZI leader Richard Spencer in his own words and then ask yourself, does he sound like a conservative Republican or a socialist Democrat?


I’m not asking you to take what I’ve said on faith or even as fact. Do your own research. Find out what party voted against the Civil Rights Bills. Find out what party developed the Jim Crow Laws. Find out what Lyndon Johnson said about having the “NWord” voting democratic for decades. What did Obama do for minorities besides give lip service and stand by as their unemployment numbers grew.

Did you know that the NAZI’s, while debating who would be considered a ‘JEW” thought about adopting the Democrats view of 1 drop made a person a black, and the NAZI’s decided that was even too racist for them so they said it took 3 grandparents of Jewish decent to be considered a Jew. The Democrats were too RACIST for the NAZI’s? Think about that!

If you get a chance see the movie “Death of a Nation” or watch other Dinesh D’Souza videos/films about the Democrats. Be a skeptic and verify what he says. Don’t blindly accept it like people do the bullshit shoveled out by the Democrats and their puppet media.


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