Monday, April 15th, 2013 at 9:47pm


Posted by Matt

I’m not sure why the news channels continue to feed the terrorists exactly what they want… they want to see and hear the stories of horror from people that were injured or were there. They want us to be afraid and while we provide continuous non-stop coverage of events like the terrorist act in Boston… they become famous in the terrorist world. Why can’t we acknowledge that it happened, and then as far as the news goes, just move on while tracking it in the back ground, off the TV. We don’t need to hear about the suffering and the loss of life, OVER AND OVER AGAIN.. I’m not trying to be insensitive to those that were killed or maimed or injured. But why do people have to get their 10 minutes of fame. We react the way the want us to and they know if they do it again, we will react the same way. We will become afraid and they will have caused “the land of the Free and the Brave” to become the land of the “Paranoid and Afraid”.
STOP THE CONSTANT BOMBARDMENT OF THE SAME NEWS STORY OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Give updates when there is something newsworthy, otherwise, keep the news and the country ON TRACK!
I’ve had enough of news channels trying to pimp themselves to get ratings. How about some moral backbone. LIke ABC saying that it could have been Tea Party people that did it. Really? ABC, the same guys that said the Aurora Killer could be a member of the tea party because they found someone with the same name in the Tea Party. HEY ABC… STICK YOUR CHANNEL WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE YOU WORTHLESS HACKS!  PUSH IT WAY UP THERE AND YOU”LL BE KEEPING MSNBC COMPANY!

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