Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 1:40am

Obama and the Senile Oldtimer twins Reed and Pelosi

Posted by Matt

Even if I totally believed that the ObamaCare law that was passed by congress should be fully funded, the law as it currently stands, was changed by Obama 19 times so the law that was passed, isn’t the law that Obama and the democrats want to fund.  Where does Obama think he gets the authority to change laws as he sees fit?
Of course, on the other hand, when the law was passed, it was passed without any mention of it being a tax. And now the SCOTUS says its constitutional because it’s a tax… but hey.. it wasn’t submitted and passed as a tax, so how can it be legally enforced? The law that was voted on and passed doesn’t exist!!!!

Is there any part of the Constitution that Obama and the deranged senile oldtimers twins Reed and Pelosi won’t subvert?

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