Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 9:12am

My TV needs a New Feature

Posted by Matt

I need a TV that will automatically make the picture go dark and mute the sound every time one of these people are on it:

Barrycade Obama:  This egotistical tyrant is only good at one thing. Lying to the American people when something goes wrong.  He will use any and all actions to inflict the most pain possible on the American people to get his way because the lemmings aren’t smart enough to know what they really want.

Harry “the Troll” Reid:  His whiny voice and his troll like appearance should be used to scare little children at Halloween.  Harry has never uttered a lie he didn’t like.

Nancy “Botox” Pelosi:  The third rail of victim centered politics.  Her voice and her shiny botox saturated face make me wonder if she is actually so old that she was tried in Salem as a witch many years ago.  Her job is to take the lies of Obama and Reid and keep repeating them over and over again so the progressive lemmings will pick up the chant and spread it around the main stream media so the uninformed lazy voter will believe the crap that is being spewed.

Freedom and democracy isn’t free.. Each citizen has a responsibility to educate themselves on the issues that will affect them and their fellow citizens.  When the low information lazy voter just votes the way that someone else tells them to vote, they are giving up their rights and saying that they don’t really know or care what happens to this country.   You have to protect your freedoms, or you will lose them.  ie: the NSA, the IRS, and  the tyrant in the White House that rules by executive fiat and changes laws as he sees fit.

When this country comes crashing down around our feet, we will have nobody to blame but ourselves.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. lazy uninformed Voter for being one of the lemmings and not being smart enough to question what you’re being told.


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