Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 8:42am

More Lies from His Majesty King Obama

Posted by Matt

Now that the debt crisis has been temporarily averted, Obama is on TV talking about how Washington needs to get back to the business of the people.  Hey Your Majesty… Negotiation is part of governing and you refused to do just that… just like you have refused to govern.  What you meant to say was “Now that I’ve gotten my way because I was willing to spend money we don’t have putting up barrycades we didn’t need to inflict as much pain as possible on the morons that voted me into office not once, but twice, and I was spreading the lie that we were going to default on our debt, we can get back to normal, which means… my way or the media will lie, distort and smear with actions and tactics that we, on the left wouldn’t tolerate if the Republicans did it.


You WILL go down in history as even worse than Jimmy Carter!  So much for your Legacy! The people that you promised the most “HOPE AND CHANGE” only have hope left because you’re taking all their change.  Where is that “NOBama” button on my TV.  The sound of his voice as he spews his lies to the American people make me want to hurl my breakfast burrito!

WE WOULD NOT HAVE DEFAULTED ON OUR DEBT because the Constitution says we MUST pay our debts.  If Obama decided not to pay them, he would be violating the Constitution, which is nothing new to this TYRANT!

Please pray that our wonderful country is able to withstand the new few years with this maniacal egomaniac in charge. And pray that the low information, uninformed voter actually starts to give a shit about what he’s doing to our country.  Other wise,  2+2 will equal 5.  (re: 1984 movie)








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