Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 8:41am

McCain and Flake Need to Be Recalled and replaced by Actual Conservatives!

Posted by Matt

Just talked to one of John McCains staffers in DC and he tried to tell me that “Border Security” is required before anything else happens and said that Napolitano would only let the Amnesty portions of the bill take effect when “THE BORDER IS SECURE”. I call Shenanigans!

We all know they would just “Proclaim the Border Secure” and then legalize the Illegal Aliens. Yes, I said it.. They are ILLEGAL! When the first thing you do in our country is break our laws to get here, then ‘YOU ARE ILLEGALLY HERE”.. thus you are an “ILLEGAL ALIEN”. What will 13+ Million suddenly legal low skill people do to the entry level workforce in America? Wages will be driven down because they will work for less because that is more than they were getting under the table. Think unemployment is bad now? Wait until you add 13+ million people to the legal employment force.

I also told one of Flake’s staffers the same thing. Don’t you wish you could be a Senator and take the whole month of August off? We all work 40+ hours a week.. does anyone think these guys, any of them, work as hard as you do? They are your employees.. YOU pay them to do a job.. when will they actually start doing it?

A pox on the Progressive Democrats and Progressive Republicans. Time for small government, maximum liberty and maximum personal responsibility!

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