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Judge By A Persons Actions, not their Race or Profession!

Posted by Matt

This is a very serious post and it has nothing to do with politics. What it has to do with is how we perceive our world. with the recent events in Dallas, I decided to ask one of my black co-workers if he felt threatened when he was pulled over by the police. Now when I get pulled over, I’m anxious because I know I could get a ticket and it can cost me money, but I’m not scared for my life or worried that I will be mistreated.
My friend confided in me that he does worry for his safety when he gets pulled over because he’s black. He may not have done anything wrong, but because of who he is, he says that he follows the police instructions to the letter and will not make a move without telling the officer exactly what he’s going to do in response to what the officer told him to do. I think most of the “White Privilege” talk is bullshit, but I have to admit that I haven’t been raised to fear the police and that most likely is because I’m white. So if that can be considered White Privilege, then that’s the extent of it because I’ve busted my ass for everything I’ve gotten and nothing was handed to me.
I will say this as well. I do get scared for my safety when I am in a situation where I am out of place.. ie: in a neighborhood that I’m not supposed to be in because I’m not black or hispanic and it’s an uncomfortable feeling to be sure and may be of my own imagination but I can’t tell. To have to live with that fear when it’s the police that are supposed to protect us is something that I can only imagine…. and I have spent time doing just that.
There are racist police out there that will take advantage of a situation, and there are police out there that are scared they won’t make it home to their family because they’re a cop and they’re a target now so they may be more likely to take action in anticipation of what they believe will happen to them.

Wanting to kill all cops because a few bad cops have broken the law and committed murder and should be tried and sent to prison if guilty is the same as saying that all blacks should be treated as criminals because some blacks commit crimes.

Judge the person, not the race or the profession! Until we make people assume the responsibility for their actions and hold them accountable and only them, we will never get past this. Children should not be told to fear the police, but when that’s what their world is like, then they are told that for survival and it’s our shame that we’ve caused that to happen.

Don’t judge me because I’m white. I didn’t own slaves and I’ve never mistreated anyone of any race or religion etc. Judge me for the person I am and only what I do.

Rant over.. please think about it! I hope it makes some sense.

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