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It’s not all about the guns! Come On People.. Think!!!

Posted by Matt

What? People murdered at Sandy Hook

How? Used a gun

Why? Had a gun! (This is what anti gun and the media want us to believe)

Logically this doesn’t make any sense for the WHY. Is the HOW to be blamed for the murders or the WHY? I know this is very simplistic but it gets down to basic critical thinking. They didn’t die because of a gun, they died because a mentally disturbed person stole a weapon from his mother and went off the deep end.

Consider this: 50 years ago we had roughly the same number of guns per capita as we do now but we didn’t have the problem of juvenile mass murder. What has changed?

More Guns? NO

The things that are missing from our society now that impact our kids are, religion, respect for life and a moral compass that lets them know killing is wrong. Todays movies and video games are full of human beings being killed in very vivid ways with blood spurting all over. The video games are just as realistic as the combat simulators that our military use. If you spend all your time killing images that look like people and you get an adrenaline rush from it, when its not enough any more, how to you stimulate your senses to move to the next level. Will this pattern affect all kids? No.. but those that are on the cusp of mental illness or socially challenged (think columbine) may resort to this behavior. The military uses kill simulators to desensitize new recruits to the act of killing a human being so when they actually have to pull the trigger, they can do it without freezing up. A soldier that won’t kill will be killed.

I didn’t think all this up myself, I’m not that smart… but this is from a retired West Point Psychologist who has written books about killing and has studied the impact our kill simulators are having on our kids. This is the guy:

Lt. Col Dave Grossman, West Point Psychology Professor, Professor of Military Science. The Army Ranger is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on PTSD and is a scholar in the field of human aggression and the roots of violent crime. He noted that what today’s video games do is provide a reward for killing each target until there is none remaining that it has conditioned human beings to derive “pleasure from human death and suffering.”

He equates it to Pavlovs dog… ring the bell.. get food.. ring the bell.. get food.. ring the bell.. dog starts to salivate.. Same idea.
He explains it all in this interview:

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