Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 8:56am

Is this still America?

Posted by Matt

The Democrats have lost their minds. They’re using Brown Shirt Shock troop tactics and they are trying to say that the Republicans are the fascists! Really? Show me the picts or the video’s of conservatives/Republicans attacking liberals while they’re eating, or at the airport or anywhere else. Show me where the Republicans are telling Democrats to shut up, or calling for aggressive behavior against them. Yea, I know, TRUMP said some stupid shit during the election when some agitators tried to disrupt his campaign events. When your sole purpose is to disrupt and stop someone from speaking, you should expect some kind reaction.

The progressive socialist big government liberal Democrats don’t want you to hear any opposing points of view because you might start to question what they’ve really done for you or think for yourself. You might leave their urban plantation of government dependency where they give you other taxpayers money and you vote for them to keep them in power so they can continue to keep you on the plantation.

Since when has advocating denying the right of free expression been a good thing?

Since when has calling for violence / intimidation been an acceptable option in America? Banana republics where dictators rule, yes, America…NO!

If Trump is a fascist dictator like the Democrats are saying, then how is it that they are still able to spew their hateful rhetoric against him? A dictator would have shut them up, taken over the newspapers and the TV stations and possibly have made them disappear. President Trump is letting them exercise their right to free speech, while they call for suppressing the free speech of people who aren’t in the lemming crowd and agreeing with them.
How do you know they’re lemmings, or robots? Just watch the video’s where one person speaks and then they all repeat what that person says. Lemmings!

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