Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 11:02am

In the Age of ‘FAIRNESS’, What About TV News?

Posted by Matt


The left runs all over the place hysterically screaming that they want fairness, but it seems like most things on the Progressive/Liberal left, it only applies to others having to be fair and not to them.  What is the definition of Hypocrisy and you’ll see the following: Progressive / Liberal Democrats.

Take a look at the graphic above.  Do you notice how unbalanced it is?  Of all the Progressive / Liberal Networks/shows on the left side, how many of them actually have “REAL” conservatives on their shows?  I’m not talking “Fake Conservatives” like Joe Scarborough, but real Conservatives.  But if you look at FOX News, you’ll find actual hard core Progressive / Liberals on their shows.. people like  Bob Beckel,  Alan Colmes, Tamra Holder, Juan Williams and the list goes on.  So tell me, who is actually “FAIR AND BALANCED” and who is trying to limit the free exchange of ideas and opinions?

If you’re a conservative and want to have access to another channel that mirrors your belief system, then you need to go to and then contact your cable/Sat provider and tell them your tired of paying for channels that don’t reflect your world view.


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