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Diversity and Tolerance Runs Both Ways!

Posted by Matt

So lets think about the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and the meaning of Diversity and Tolerance.  Under the 1st Amendment, we have the right to free speech and religious freedom.  Diversity means inclusion of all people no matter what their race , creed , color, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or anything else.. This means ALL.. it doesn’t mean that we exclude anyone because of their  race , creed , color, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or anything else.
So why is it now common practice to exclude those that have a different opinion when it comes to anything that runs counter to the militant LGBT community.   If I”m expected to not exclude someone who has a different sexual preference than I do, and if I’m expected to tolerate  beliefs and opinions that run counter to my own, then why am I not afforded the same level of diversity and tolerance when my views and opinions run counter to theirs?
Tolerance: I will stand up for ANYONE’s right to speak/write anything that I either agree with, disagree with or that runs counter to my world view. Why? Because when you force everyone to start thinking the same and speaking the same, you are on your way to a totalitarian police state where the thought police will be in your future.   I may find what you say to be abhorrent, but since I believe in free speech, I will defend your right to say it.
Lets think about the CEO of Mozilla that just resigned because he gave a $1000 donation 6 YEARS AGO, to a pro-traditional marriage group when the Prop 8 battle was in full force. What he did was completely legal and within his rights to do.  Now, 6 years later, he is forced to resign because of his views and because he acted on his rights as a citizen of the United States and legally supported a political organization.  Where is the tolerance? Where is diversity of acceptance?
So now, lets think about our President.  Obama went to Jerimiah Wrights church and I’m sure he gave his Tithe in support of the church, and he supported the views of the church, otherwise why would he attend?  So Rev. Wright fully supports traditional marriage and Obama was in agreement with Wrights views, until he changed them recently for political reasons.  So should we expect Obama to be forced out of office because he supported a cause that was/is against Gay Marriage?
Please forgive my confusion because the outrage of the LGBT community seems to be selective and applied only when they want to have another sacrifice to the gods of intolerance and bigotry. Yes, some in the LGBT community are bigots in that they are prejudiced against anyone that sees the gay marriage issue from a different perspective.  We are expected to accept your views, but you aren’t expected to accept any view other than your own.  That’s Intolerance and you are doing exactly what you try and brand other with to destroy their lives.
The actions of the radical LGBT community does a disservice to those that have suffered the injustice of the narrow minded people opposed to the LGBT community.  Rights run both ways and equality means that all persons / groups / demographics are equal, not some more than equal than others.   It’s not my position in life to judge how others live their lives and as long as it doesn’t infringe upon my rights, then I’m perfectly fine with whatever they want to do or be.  But don’t come after me because I chose to support those causes that I agree with but you don’t.
To be clear.. yes, there are homophobes, black haters, white haters, hispanic haters, jew haters, muslim haters, christian haters, women haters, men haters and those that just hate everyone that is not a carbon copy of themselves.  I totally disagree with their world view, but they are entitled to have it and my world view shouldn’t be treated any differently than theirs just because I think mine is right.
We need to get away from Politically Correct (a term used in communist china for re-education to think like the state) and we need to celebrate the diversity of opinions and lifestyles of EVERYONE, not just those that have been historically oppressed or abused.  Bigotry of free speech and the absence of tolerance of differing opinions / world views will destroy the melting pot that is America.

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