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Destroying the American Dream!

Posted by Matt

Who’s Destroying the American Dream?

The Progressive Liberals, ANTIFA Anarchists, Black Lives Matter Racists and the apathy filled iGeneration who live their lives in their smart phones are ruining this country and the spineless politicians are helping them do it.
I just watch a guy trying to prove that the National Anthem is suspect because some Neo-Confederates wanted the Star Spangled Banner to be the National Anthem. He admits the song isnt’ racist and there’s no issue with the words. He’s a guy looking to create a controversy so he can get his 5 minutes of fame.
I also just watch a guy defend the City Council in College Park Maryland who just voted to allow Illegal Immigrants to vote in local elections. Local elections impact statewide elections and they impact federal elections. What are they thinking? They’re thinking they’re adding democrat voters. That’s the whole reason the Democrats are totally in favor of open borders and giving illegal immigrants amnesty and citizenship. This is their long game and they’re taking steps to make it happen.
With very few exceptions, the Republicans in Congress are a bunch of spineless self serving MORONS! They could care less about what the voters want. They only care about what they can do to keep getting elected to a job where they spend more time OFF THE JOB, than on the job and they get all kinds of perks and get treated like Royalty.
They aren’t afraid of the voters because they know that they can lie to us every election and most of the Sheeple (people that are sheep in case you haven’t figured that out) will still vote them back into office, or they’ll vote in some other MORON that lied to them and doesn’t plan on doing anything to make our lives better.
I’m tired of both parties and politicians in general. They have proclaimed themselves the “Ruling Class” and we are their subjects. We are to be subservient to them and let them do whatever they want because “THEY KNOW BETTER THAN WE DO ABOUT WHAT’S BEST FOR US”. BULLSHIT! Most of them couldn’t run a household or keep a steady job where they actually will be fired if they fail to perform the job the way it’s supposed to be done.
Here’s an example: Emergency aid for Katrina and Harvey. Did they vote on a clean bill to provide the aid that was needed? No! They loaded the bill with their pet pork projects because they knew the bill would be passed. They feathered their nests at the expense of the suffering masses who have lost their lives, their homes, they property, their jobs and their American Dream. They don’t really give a shit about the people in Texas or Florida. They view their misfortune as a way for them to take care of the really important people.. THEMSELVES!
We have a President, like him or don’t like him, I don’t care. He’s trying to get health care fixed, overhaul the tax system and secure our borders to we actually have a sovereign nation and even his own party leaders won’t support him. We can support what we can agree on but they can’t even do that because they “WON’T STICK THEIR NECKS OUT AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING BECAUSE THEY MIGHT NOT GET RE-ELECTED. Getting re-elected is the most important thing to them. We hired them to work for use and now we’re working for them. If I did my job the way they do their job I would have been FIRED a long time ago and with such a poor work ethic and lack of integrity, I’d find it hard to get a job anywhere.
I can make common cause with anyone. I may disagree with a progressive liberal on 50% of what they believe, but that means we agree on 50% of what we both believe. We can work with that. In order to do this, both sides need to be willing to listen to that which they agree with as well as that which they disagree with without attempting to shut down the conversation.
RANT OVER! I’m sure many of you feel the same frustration I have with our worthless elected officials.. and here in Arizona, that category includes John ‘Worthless RINO” McCain and Jeffy “Little John McCain” Flake.

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