Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 1:00pm

Democracy? We’re not a Democracy!

Posted by Matt


We elect representatives that are supposed to do our bidding and act on our behalf. If you want to see democracy in action, watch the video of the wall street protestors when they took a vote on if Rep. Lewis could speak to them.. In a democracy.. nothing gets done because you have to listen to everyone’s input on decisions. True democracy is anarchy… thats why our very intelligent forefathers decided on a representative republic.

So where is the system broken? Our elected officials are making decisions based on what will keep them in office and not what the people want done. In the years before “professional politicians”, representatives would serve their term, normally no more than Washington served (2 years) and then they would return home to live under the laws they passed.

The Activist courts are doing the same thing.. When the residents of a state vote in a law, then the courts have no right to overturn the will of the people. Now I know some will go off the deep end and say.. so if a state says “Kill every 5th person you see”, then that should be okay? Nope.. thats a violation of established law. Be reasonable.

So I ask you this: if laws are made and passed and implemented that allow corporations to take money overseas, or sell mortgage backed securities, or write off expenses so that like GE, the pay no tax… who’s to blame? I suggest the blame lies with the people who passed the laws.. why did they pass the laws? So they can get contributions to their re-election campaigns so they can stay employed… hopefully, some on here will understand what I’m saying.

Quesion for my brothers that support the OWS: why is it that GE isn’t being protested.. they made billions and paid ZERO tax so they are a very evil corporation… answer: because they are in the progressive lefts corner and you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

How is it that a millionaire like Michael Moore is welcomed at OWS and yet he’s a very big capitalist and has made his money the old fashioned captialist way… but because he’s a far left progressive.. he’s okay….

Does anyone see a pattern here behind who gets targeted and who gets a pass?

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