Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 11:05pm

Constitutional Rights are stubborn things!

Posted by Matt

I have another question for you to ponder:  A person legally owns a firearm under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and lives where open carry is the law.  They want to get a pizza for dinner so they walk into an pizzeria where there’s a sign that says “NO WEAPONS ALLOWED”.  Does the pizzeria owner have the right to deny service to the person that is exercising their 2nd Amendment rights to protect themselves?  What about the rights of the armed customer?  Do business owners have the right of discretion when it comes to operating their business?  The armed customer can always have the pizza delivered, or can go to another pizzeria that doesn’t “DISCRIMINATE” against customers who are pursuing their legal right under the 2nd Amendment.
Constitutional rights are stubborn things.  They either exist or they don’t exist. What about the sign that we used to always see “NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE”.  Would that be discriminating against a poor or homeless person, or is it the right of the business owner to enjoy life, liberty  and the pursuit of happiness?
The militant left and their “astro turf” grass roots movements of hatred and intolerance are doing more harm to their causes than they are doing good.  Reasonable people will say, “there shouldn’t be discrimination against anyone” but they will also recognize the rights of people to exercise their rights under the Constitution.  I have a right to NOT BE FORCED to do something that violates my religious beliefs just as I have a right to protect myself under the 2nd Amendment as long as I’m following the local, state and federal laws.
It’s time the militant LGBT community memorize the phrase “you catch more flies with honey” because when you show your intolerance and your overt hatred for anyone that disagrees with your point of view or world view, you immediately stop any form of effective dialog to address your grievances, either real or perceived.
There WILL BE A BACKLASH that will slow the progress of what you may be hoping to achieve and those that might be sympathetic with your plight, will be turned away by your ugly lack of tolerance for “DIVERSITY” and opposing views.

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