Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 7:46am

Are you supporting illegal immigrants breaking our laws?

Posted by Matt

The Plight of the Illegal Immigrants:

I think I finally agree with protecting them and letting them stay. Why? Here’s the answer:

I owe a lot of money and it’s keeping me from retiring. I’m afraid that I might work myself to death before I can actually retire… so the only recourse I have is to enter a banks safe illegally and claim the money as my own. That way I can pay off my bills and retire and I won’t be afraid any more.

It doesn’t matter that doing that is against the law… what matters is I’m trying to give my family and myself a better way of life. The bank safe shouldn’t have a locked door on it. Keeping me from the money so I can give my family a better way of life is immoral. I’m a victim of the bank and their locked safe door policy. I demand open safe doors in the name of humanity.

By the way… no I don’t really plan on robbing a bank!

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