Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 at 5:53pm

A Few Things I’m Just Wondering About..

Posted by Matt

– If Zimmerman is referred to as a white/hispanic then why isn’t Obama referred to as a white/african american?

– What has Obama done to make your life better? Are you making more money now than when Bush was President?

– If Obama is a uniter, then why does he spend so much time trying to divide the country?

– Please tell me what republicans/conservatives are suggesting that we do away with birth control?

– Why is it that my tax dollars should help pay for someone to engage in risky behavior? If you want to have sex and don’t want to get pregnant, then spend the $9 at Walmart or get your birth control for free at any one of the free clinics. Birth Control for medical reasons ie: cervical Cancer etc. is a medical condition and I have no issue with that.. but wanting to have sex isn’t a medical condition!

– Where is the media and the press right now? We’re trillions in debt, wasting money on companies that are going bankrupt and about 47% of the country isn’t paying any income tax.. so the rest of us are kicking $$ into the government so the people who sit on their ass with their hands out can just keep getting their checks… the liberals have made them dependent and have taken away any possibility of self respect.. they are addicted to the liberal handouts and it’s time for an intervention because I don’t want to pay for someone to SIT ON THEIR ASS ALL DAY.

– Why is it that when a white/hispanic kills a black person and isn’t arrested, the main stream media goes wild, but when a black man kills a mentally handicaped hispanic in Arizona, the main stream media is silent. They are both just as dead.. so where are the crowds calling for JUSTICE and being bussed to Arizona?
Watch this video about it:


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